What We Stand For

As our name suggests we focus on what increases the energy, capacity, confidence and performance of people at work.

The People Organisation Ltd is an organisation which believes strongly in pursuing ethical practice. This is reflected in our own Code of Practice, in the care with which we choose partners and in our campaigning activities.

We take care to partner with people and organisations who share an interest in work of social value, in improving workplace standards and making a practical, positive difference to the way people work.

We actively promote equality, dignity and ethical practice in all we do, where necessary working with others to campaign for changes that lie beyond what the People Organisation can achieve on its own.

Our aim is to play an active part in creating and sustaining an active community of interest which works together to make a positive difference to the world of work.
Currently we are working with others for

  • Increased involvement of the public in public services
  • Improved rights and protection for staff at work
  • Ethical leadership and management

The News and Writing sections of the site are intended to keep people in touch with what we believe in and actively support as an organisation.