Public Involvement and Employee Engagement

Connecting with both staff and the public on what matters is an increasing part of what marks out excellent organisations.  It is challenging to do convincingly.  Many organisations lack the confidence and capacity to turn good intentions (and statements of principle) into high-impact, practical activities.

Our services are designed to provide comprehensive practical support to anyone concerned with involvement or participation. We have worked with leaders and managers trying to find the best way of increasing involvement to strengthen governance, improve service quality and create value for customers and/or the public.  We have also supported involvement professionals, communications and social marketers, planners and policy makers as well as members of special interest and campaigning groups.

We know how to involve and engage effectively and can help ;

  • design and deliver programmes built around the practical engagement of staff, customers and the public
  • facilitate change events and scenario planning which creates shared purpose and action between organisations and their staff and/or their stakeholders
  • provide additional capacity to help delivery, as well as develop internal capacity for engagement, participation and involvement
  • devise effective ways for gaining real staff engagement, having already won national recognition for innovative staff partnership models
  • undertake evaluations of individual programmes or whole approaches in the public and private sectors.

Over the last year we have extended our expertise in both deliberative enquiry and reputation management – allowing us to provide professional know-how from initial framing of involvement through the delivery phase into outcome measurement and evaluation.