TPO mediates the international mediators

Mark Butler, Director of The PeopleOrganisation is acting as “Master of Ceremonies” at a unique two-day celebration of International Mediation practice being held in Dundee.

The sold-out event, being held at the Gardyne Theatre in Dundee, has been designed to provide a showcase of different types of resolving conflict.  It has attracted interest from as far afield as Hong Kong and marks the 5th Anniversary of EDR at the University of Dundee.

Mark comments:

“This gathering which would not have happened without the drive and passion for alternative means of conflict resolution provided by Fiona O’Donnell from the University of Dundee, mixes workshops sessions with pieces of theatre and panel discussion.

My role is really just to help things hold together and move along.  It takes the pressure off the people who are doing the real work!  More seriously it reflects the interest of TPO in advocating for more understanding of the importance of dispute resolution in the workplace and the key role of sharing learning from different perspectives.”

“We hope to build on our existing practice in 2014 thorough a new alliance which can offer cost-effective, professional mediation wherever it is needed.”
Date: Nov 15, 2013 — Category: News — Posted by: admin