National Library picks TPO on strategy and change

Mark Butler has been commissioned to support the new five-year strategy being developed for the National Library of Scotland.  Working with John Scally, who was appointed as National Librarian in late 2014, Mark will be acting as an independent advisor on the process and content of the strategy and also issues of organisational and cultural change which flow from the strategic work.    

“This is an exciting opportunity to work with the leadership of a key national body on both its future direction and the way it works.  The National Library is facing a number of serious challenges, so making the right choices about priorities now is vitally important.  This requires thinking carefully about what the National Library will mean in future from many different perspectives and getting clear what it will actually offer in the years ahead in a way  that connects people to a shared sense of purpose,” says Mark.

“The potential, as well as the risks, of digital technology for an institution rightly proud of its traditions and history, need thinking through.  It is already clear that there is a real appetite for future identity to be defined by what the National Library stands for.  This means values becoming more than just words and visible in the way people work together and with others,” he adds.

The strategy is due to be considered at the Board of Trustees in June 2015 with the cultural change programme running over the following year.

Date: Mar 10, 2015 — Category: News — Posted by: admin