TPO welcomes action on “Trusted to Care” report

The first of the planned updates on progress being made as a result of the “Trusted to Care” Report, co-authored by Mark Butler, has been posted on 20 July 2014 by the Minister for Health and Social Services in Wales.

The Trusted to Care report, commissioned by the Minister and published in May 2014, focused on the culture of care and issues of governance and services for older people in two hospitals in South Wales.

“I am pleased that Boards have started the process of reporting publicly on action they are taking to assess and improve the picture of care across Wales.  The Report made a number of recommendations specific to ABMU Board.  The decision by the Minister to gather a clearer picture on similar issues across other Boards was a welcome addition to the detailed recommendations made by Professor June Andrews and myself,” says Mark Butler, Director of The People Organisation.

“There remain a number of critical steps to be taken to address the underlying issues around care and governance and I look forward to seeing more public reporting and engagement with these issues in the months ahead,” adds Mark.

Date: Jul 21, 2014 — Category: News — Posted by: admin