Life Changes Tackle Risk with TPO

The People Organisation has just completed a short-term project supporting the risk management of the leading Scottish charity, Life Changes Trust

“The Trust is still in its first year but over the next 10 years it will be playing a visible and critical role in supporting innovation and change around young people and people with dementia in Scotland,” Mark Butler explains.

“With such a high-profile, independent role and a £50m endowment budget from the Big Lottery to allocate, there are some obvious and less obvious risks which the Board has been keen to work through over the last few months, ahead of implementing its approach to strategic grant-making and support,” Mark continues.

“Important risk issues were identified in an earlier workshop run by TPO for the whole Board, which included a session looking at the risk profiles of each Board member.  Trustee’s understanding of risk has inevitably increased as LCT has got to grips with its remit and business.”

“New Boards can find it difficult to spend the necessary time working systematically through their collective approach to risks, the mitigations they need to keep in mind, and what all this means for Board behaviour, responsibilities and processes,” adds Mark.

In this case Maddy Halliday, the Life Changes Trust’s Chief Executive, felt it was important to look creatively at risk management and turned to The People Organisation for support. “We have now worked with the Executive team as well as the Trustees to develop scenarios designed to promote risk mitigation as an active and positive component of the way the Board works.”

“Looking strategically at risk takes a Board beyond tick-box reassurances and really challenges the way the Board works and what it needs to spend its time on.  I certainly hope the Board are now better prepared for the important work they have to do,” concludes Mark.

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Date: May 7, 2014 — Category: Projects — Posted by: admin