Director – Mark Butler

Career Profile

Mark Butler profile shot

Mark Butler, the Director of The People Organisation and its driving force, believes passionately in the need to offer clients both the advantages of a small consultancy – approachability, focus, co-creation – and the widest possible professional expertise.

“I know how tough it can be to find the right support. On one hand small, niche consultancies offer specialist expertise, but they can struggle to match the complexity of problems in the modern workplace.  On the other hand larger consultancies often fail to deliver the responsive, tailored service and added value clients are looking for.”

“The People Organisation is designed to fill that gap. We start with the client’s needs and build from there, bringing in other specialists as we need to”.“I wanted The People Organisation to be at the centre of a collaborative network which connects the collective knowledge of different professions and experience with clients to make a real difference.”

The People Organisation was founded with a commitment to

  • outstanding personal service
  • deep knowledge and expertise
  • effective implementation
  • excellent value
  • ethical practice

It’s a simple but very effective model, as you will see if you contact us.