Governance development

Leaders across all sectors face huge challenges in meeting expectations, fulfilling responsibilities and achieving peak performance.  The People Organisation can help Boards reflect on their performance and sharpness by using creative techniques which cut to the chase on regulatory and personal obligations.

We understand the need to find fresh ways of addressing risks, business processes and complex ethical challenges in modern working life. We specialise in;

  • Design of Board and Executive development
  • Environmental analysis
  • Audit, risk and scrutiny processes which anticipate critical performance risks
  • Governance of inter-agency and multi-organisational working
  • Ethical Practice and Social Responsibility
  • Brokering best practice and understanding between the private, public and Third sectors

We are also able to offer some excellent tools;

Organisational Stress Tests – our deep dive assessment of the wellbeing of an organisation - policy, risk practices, legal compliance - leading to a Board-ready action plan.

The High Performing Board –  this innovative process combines audit and governance improvement, allowing Boards and senior teams to review the critical links between vision, risks, outcomes and relationships and to put in place the right capacity and progressive performance measures

Authentic Leadership Toolkit – the interactive learning process combines interviews and observation of executives and non-executives in normal working situations with well-tested individual and team assessment tools.

In the last year we have also worked on assignments with national audit, inspectorate and ombudsman bodies and advised the leaders of small and medium enterprises.

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