Futures thinking

We are known for helping individuals and teams gain a clear, shared sense of purpose, translated into sound action and momentum.  We do this by;

  • undertaking strategy and policy reviews and validity testing
  • facilitating structured events, focus groups and scenario planning to explore real choices
  • being able to assess (and develop) the skills, processes and capacity needed to make things happen
  • devising realistic measures of success.

Our experience means we can operate at the highest levels as an invaluable, creative critical friend - advising on operating environments and helping translate issues of strategy into practical action.  Our services include;

360 degree strategy review –  our comprehensive assessment tool looking at critical success factors - scale, pace, skills, sources of conflict and capacity to deliver. Clients find our “neutral expert in the room” of particular value ahead of making final financial commitments

EvaluationPlus – our advanced package of facilitation and quality assurance combines desk-top analysis and engagement processes to ensure policy objectives are developed and owned by key players inside and outside the organisation

Simulations –  devising practical small or large-scale interactive events to critique strategies in a risk-free way, to stress-test issues and to gain valuable insights and learning.

We find the best starting point is a conversation about what you want to achieve from which we can jointly gauge which approach will work best for you.

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