Conflict Resolution and Mediation

We help clients resolve conflict, not merely handle it. Conflict is too often accepted as unavoidable and too complicated to face, however damaging it might be personally and for the organisation. It is also one of the largest, usually hidden, costs of modern life.

The services we offer are designed to tackle conflict, however complex and embedded, reducing any negative impact swiftly and effectively. These include;

Resolution at work – able to address the most sensitive, complex and personal issues involving staff, whether yet in formal dispute or not, as well mediating commercial disputes

Conflict Audit – a diagnostic process which identifies the causes, costs and impact of conflict in a specific team or organisation and then pinpoints practical solutions

Capacity Development – skills development on conflict resolution for all levels of the organisation from Board to the front-line staff, not only increasing insight into the legal and personal context but growing practical skills in conflict avoidance techniques.

The Conflict Predictor – a unique analysis which picks out potential sources of conflict inherent in all significant pieces of policy and strategy in advance and then provides an action plan on how these might be managed by the client.

We also campaign for greater understanding and use of mediation in public life.

Whatever form conflict might be taking in an organisation The People Organisation can help resolve it.